Does Wild World Clothing ship worldwide?

Yes we absolutely do, and it's only fitting we do with a name like ours :)

How does Wild World Clothing fit, and what size should I get?

Our suggestion is to always size up if you are in between sizes for your little ones.  Sizes generally fit a little small, but run very even for 2T, 4T and 6T.  To make life a little easier, please reference the following charts.  Sizing Chart

Hand-made Items: Please note that most of our hand-made items are true to size.  Again, our recommendation is to always size up if you are in between sizes. 

For the majority of the items, a link to our sizing charts will be listed within the product descriptions. 

What are your recommended care instructions for Wild World Clothing?

The majority of our fabrics are made of ORGANIC cotton so that they are safe and gentle on your child's skin with no harsh chemicals and no GMO's.  The fabric is not pre-washed, therefore to maintain the quality, size and color, we recommend that you wash inside out on cool or a gentle/delicate setting, using phosphate-free detergent and lay flat to dry.  If you have a handmade item with a ribbon, please remove the ribbon if you are washing in your washing machine. 

Why is the price of my cart different at checkout then while I was shopping?

Although you have the option to view prices in your selected currency, all of Wild World Clothing prices at the time of checkout are converted to Canadian Dollars (CAD).  While shopping, based on current currency exchange rates, the price of the selected item(s) may appear lower in your selected home currency, however as a Canadian company we are only able to charge your total checkout price in Canadian Dollars (CAD).  The amount you pay in your home currency is based on exchange rates charged by your financial institution. 

I would like to sell Wild World Clothing merchandise in my store.  How can I do that?

We are openly looking for exciting new opportunities to partner with a variety of businesses.  Please send us an email to for more information. 

Does Wild World Clothing attend trade shows?

Not yet, but we are working towards attending some key events in the near future.  Stay tuned and make sure you sign up for our mailing list to be the first to find out where we plan on attending in the new year.

Do I have to set up an account to place an order?

No you do not!  With the majority of online users purchasing via their mobile phones and tablets, we know this can be an annoyance more than anything.  We simply require some basic information to ensure the product arrives to the correct location.  We do have an option for you to create an account should you find it easier as a loyal and returning customer.   

Do you offer Gift Cards for purchase?

We sure do.  Have that special friend in mind, but just not sure what to get them?  A Wild World Gift Card is the perfect solution for any special occasion or holiday.  Our Gift Cards are available in denominations of $25, $50, $100 and never expire.